Team Members
CryptoBank team members involve the Founder, Co-founders, and great Contributors:
U C Ferdinand (CEO)
Ferdinand has spent 7 years in the digital world and how the cryptocurrency transaction works. During that time, he has had the opportunity to work with several Blockchain and payment institutions. Ferdinand worked as a business manager where he spent much of his time teaching himself about crypto payments, an area in which he was becoming more interested.
Iyoha Oseiwe (Co-founder)
Mr. Iyoha is a man with good vision and likes supporting projects with great potential as assumed working with CryptoBank will be a good idea. He has worked on many projects in which he served as a BDM and investor.
Anorue Ndubueze Uchenna (Co-Founder)
Mr. Anorue is a crypto trader with several years of experience in crypto marketing. Although this might be his first time joining a big team as a co-founder, his dream and passion to grow into a bigger family that will serve the world will never be cut short as he said.
Obot Gift N (Chief Editor)
Miss Gift is a writer with the aim to practice restraint and refrain from immediately reshaping the content in their own images. open your mind to the logic of the writer’s approach.
Madukwe Arthur onyekachi (Listing manager)
Mr. Arthur started as an e-marketer, gathering several years of experience researching the best and effective way in making decentralized finance projects a success. Also an avid and successful cryptocurrency trader.
Okarter Prince C (Head of communication)
Mr. Prince has five years of experience in software development and a master's degree holder in information technology with several experience and awards.
Obi Joshua (Graphics Designer)
Mr. Joshua is a great graphic designer with a good past record linked together with the icon of creativity.
*Dev.Olamide (Senior Developer)
*Dev.Dominic (Front-End Developer )
*Dev.Ahmadou (Blockchain Developer)
*Dev.HexDee (Blockchain Developer)
*Dev.Abdulazeez (Blockchain Developer)
*Vruti Shah (Document Lead)
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