CryptoBank Native Token(CBT)
CryptoBank Africa is powered by the “CryptoBank Token($CBT)” which is its native token that provides a decentralized staking solution, farming, asset exchange operations, and payment gateway. $CBT is built with Nuls Blockchain lowering exchange fees for various trading pairs with other succeeding blockchain pioneers like Harmony (ONE), Binance Smart Chain (Bep-20), and Erc-20 e.t.c which $CBT would be hosted on these networks with the aid of cross-chain implementation. Nuls was the natural choice for this project due to its broad adoption and industry-standard for issuing custom digital assets notwithstanding the low fees and fast transaction with the ability to program smart contracts with a full-complete language that allows robust foundation and flexible customization of the cryptocurrency.
CBToken will be used in the CryptoBank platform for making payments to merchants that support or private buyer/seller transactions. CBToken can also be exchanged with other crypto pairs on open exchanges, privately, or just store for future use. Moreover, using CBToken on the payment platform will have additional benefits to further stimulate its growth. The blockchain token is the core of the economic system. The objective is to increase usage and value by Providing token rewards for actions/participation. Use tokens to purchase goods and services.
Utilizing the Nuls network will make it better to analyze how many tokens each member is holding and what level of membership each member has achieved. The total supply of the $CBT is 700,000,000. This is the permanent total supply and no more tokens can be minted.
Below describe token allocation to investors;

CBT Total supply = 700,000,000

~Early Development: 70 M (10%) It is used for community construction and promotion in the early stage.
~Cornerstone Investment: 70 M (10%) It is used for the participation of institutions and partners, bringing more resources and institutional partners to the ecosystem, and promoting the development of the project.
~Foundation: 70 M (10%) It is used for team development and R&D, as well as the long-term development fund support of and sustainable development of the project.
~Marketing: 70 M (10%) Destined for marketing purposes and exchange listing activities
~SCO: 35 M (5%) For early distribution for NULS community using SCO process. This will allow us to build up a community organically from the ground up.
~NULS Foundation: 35 M (5%) (Suggested not mandatory) Destined for cross-promotion activities to help build up both communities organically. NULS Core team will directly support and other activities.
~Rewards/Bounty program: 210 M (30%) Created to reward/incentivized participants/users. A disinflation ratio may be added later.
~IEO program: 140 M (20%) This allocated token will be used for the Cryptobank IEO program on different exchanges.
CBT total supply
CBToken initial circulation supply starts with the following;
  • SCO: 35 M (5%)
  • NULS Foundation: 35 M (5%)
  • IEO program: 140 M (20%)
  • Early Development: 70 M (10%)
  • Rewards/Bounty program: 210 M (30%)
CBT in circulation in addition with the early Development allocted token.
Only 70% of the total supply will be in circulation at this earlier stage in order to help control CBToken value at the market.
The remaining 30% ratio will be locked up.
Below is the allocated CBT to be locked up at the early stage;
  • Marketing: 70 M (10%)
  • Foundation: 70 M (10%)
  • Cornerstone Investment: 70 M (10%)
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