CryptoBank Africa
Since cryptocurrencies are not legalized in African countries, CryptoBank payment gateway was designed to bypass this protocol with the help of our trusted and secure peer-to-peer system which allows merchants to accept cryptocurrencies(BTC, BNB, ETH, ONE, NULS, CBT.e.t.c) as a payment method with the convenience of receiving their funds in fiat currencies deposited straight to their local bank.
In addition, CryptoBank Africa on the other hand allows merchants to advertise their goods and services to consumers on an international scale with the advantage of selling their goods to a wide range of users across Africa. Moreover, the consumers/buyers also have the advantage to choose from a variety of cryptocurrency payment options in order to benefit from the current value/transaction fees. This will give the consumers/buyers the freedom to take advantage of the market conditions at any time.
Thirdly, In order to improve online payment and solve the problems in terms of low limit transactions, CryptoBank Africa has additionally effectively managed to develop a faster, more versatile, and easier-to-deploy payment API for the online marketplace. At CryptoBank Africa, we are determined to make online payments much easier for Africans with Blockchain technology, as we aim to adopt more crypto users across the continent. In order to make this goal a reality, research carried out by our team has proved that Africans prefer to use their phones over computers. therefore, CryptoBank Africa will successfully be available as an application on Android and IOS stores.
As part of our plans to improve crypto payment in Africa, CryptoBank Africa has also taken Africa's low internet penetration rate into account as we look forward to integrate Crypto payment with USSD code for registered users only. This will allow CryptoBank Africa to provide offline services.
Thirdly, to tackle security and bureaucratic troubles, CryptoBank Africa is built using blockchain technology with an IPFS storage system. This will benefit the founders, merchants, consumers, and private users because the public records are stored in a decentralized manner, whereby no intermediaries are involved, and the transactions carried out are faster and have lower transaction costs. This means that the information stored is cryptographically secure making it strong to be attacked.
The CryptoBank decentralized applications (known as BANKER) have features that will enhance the experience and ease for the users. BANKER will allow users to store, receive and send their preferred cryptocurrencies. In addition, BANKER will allow users to interact with other cryptocurrency decentralized applications such as wallets, decentralized exchanges, and so on. Moreover, BANKER will be integrated with the CryptoBank wallet which can be used to store, exchange, deposit, withdraw, and make payment using your preferred digital currencies, including our native CryptoBank Africa token ($CBT). Last but not least, users will easily be able to make payments with 0% fees instantly.
Overall, CryptoBank Africa will provide a multitude of benefits for the users as mentioned above. The impact will be significant because Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya have the largest markets for cryptocurrencies. According to the Statista Global Customer Survey, Nigeria ranks first regarding usage of cryptocurrencies followed by South Africa and Kenya.
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