CryptoBank Africa
June - Team Buildup
July - CryptoBank website released v 1.0
August - New Partnership Programs and Hackathons
September 2021 - $CBT airdrop program for NULs Blockchain, Binance Smart Chain, and Harmony Network.
September 2021 - New website released.
October 2021 - CryptoBank digital payment gateway (prototype phase 1 released)
December - CryptoBank digital payment gateway(prototype phase 2 released)
1Q - 2022
>>>Global coverage and grand marketing in Africa
>>> Proof of Concept (Release v1)
>>>Governance development
2Q - 2022
>>>CEX listing
>>>Launching of CryptoBank DApp(BANKER)/marketplace Beta version
>>>CryptoBank Africa NFT platform
>>>CEX listing
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